FSC® & EU Ecolabel

Arjowiggins Graphic believes both FSC® certification and EU Ecolabel certification are an integral part of environmental responsibility throughout the paper production process and an important part of encouraging world-wide regulated standards.

FSC® certification

Arjowiggins Graphic has chosen to use only pulp originating from sustainably managed forests. In order to demonstrate its commitment, Arjowiggins Graphic has embarked on the process of having its manufacturing sites and paper ranges certified according to FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) standards.

The FSC® is currently the only standard recognised by the major NGOs, including WWF and Greenpeace; it ensures compliance with exacting environmental, social and economic criteria throughout the manufacturing chain.

The FSC Recycled certification guarantees that the fibers used are coming from post consumer papers.

The logos below represent FSC-COC® certification for Besse, Wizernes, Le Bourray and Greenfield mills.

FSC logoFSC logo

EU Ecolabel certification

The official European Ecolabel is managed by the European Commission at EU level, while independent and impartial organisations are responsible for implementing the scheme at national level. The Ecolabel takes into account a multi-criteria life-cycle approach where environmental impacts of the product and technical performances are measured. Criteria is revised and tightened every 4/5 years in line with technical evolution. The European Ecolabel is a certificate in accordance with sustainable development.

All the impacts associated with the manufacturing of the considered product are taken into account. For paper, the Ecolabel guarantees:

  • Lowest air emissions (SO2, NOX)
  • Lowest greenhouse gas emissions
  • Highest standards of process water cleaning (COD)
  • Reduced electric and fossil energy consumption
  • Weakest impacts on environment (raw material selection)
  • Waste recovery
  • Reduction / prevention of risks to human health related to the use of hazardous substances

The European Ecolabel is a key certification for public tenders.

EU Ecolabel